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ANNOUNCEMENT :  In need of Energy Assistance? Contact WCCA 320-963-6500…


There are three parts to the electric rate DMU charges; the basic (flat) rate, fixed usage rate and variable usage rate.


To report a street light that is out, call our office during regular business hours (763) 972-0557.


Before you begin digging state law requires you call the Gopher State One Call at 1-800-252-1166.Click Here


Property owner’s responsibility: Water service lines are owned and maintained by the property owner…


Delano Municipal Utility crews flush water hydrants remove rust and sediments from the water lines.  You may notice a drop in water pressure during these times.  It is temporary and will return to normal in a short period of time. Unfortunately the flushing procedure may also knock loose rust sediments in your water lines, this is only temporary and your water will clear soon after the flushing is complete. Please watch for excess rust in your water during this time and for a few days following the flushing.

The Delano Municipal Utility thanks you in advance for your patience and understanding during this time.


Excellence and Customer Service

We believe we work on behalf of the residents of Delano and we feel our number one priority is to provide prompt local customer service.

Treating citizens with respect

We treat all citizens with courtesy and respect.

Fiscal Responsibility

We strive to ensure competitive electric and water rates by taking advantage of market conditions to control costs and maintain long term savings.

Ethics and Integrity.

We believe that ethics and integrity are the foundation blocks of public trust and confidence.

Quality in the delivery of service

We make the City of Delano a better place to live and work by updating and maintaining a modern underground electric and water system.


We believe that continuous improvement is the mark of professionalism and are committed to applying this principle to the services we offer and the development of our employees.


The Photo above shows a contractors crew installing a new Hydrant and Irrigation service. This was to provide water to a new soccer field in the Barb King Inspirational park. This project took place Summer of 2013 in conjunction with the road reconstruction on Meadowlark drive.

The Photo above shows the DMU utility crew excavating a 8 foot deep hole to fuse high density polyethylene pipe (HDPE) for the new 8 Inch raw water line from well number 1. This line was bored in from the Utility east on Bridge Avenue to 4th Street North.

The Photo above shows a DMU utility crew member performing maintenance on a transformer. In this case tightening secondary connections and inspecting for indication of possible future problems.


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